German Stocks on our watchlist

Greetings everyone!! As part of our strategic newsletter, we scan and watch stocks in Major stock exchanges to provide trade able opportunities and ideas. In June we took a look at SAP in Germany…..Below you can see screenshots from the newsletter

What followed with SAP?

SAP is very close to confirming a break down and the start of a correction period that could push price much lower. 96-98€ is a major support area and if we see this support area broken, then we should expect price to move towards 90€.


Now I’m looking at SIEMENS and Deuteche Bank as well. SIEMENS might be forming a Head and Shoulders pattern.

110-111€ is critical support. If broken I will be expecting the share price of SIEMENS to fall towards 90€.

Deutsche Bank has reached our downside target area and has started an upward reversal. Below you can see my post from back in March of 2017.

DEUTSCHE BANK wave 4 might be over. by trading2day on

What now?

Is the low in? There are many chances that the reversal has started. More details on my strategy and more stock setups for US and European stocks in my strategic newsletter sent 3 times per week. For more info send me an e-mail at


Thank you for taking the time to catch up on my thinking.

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