Has the bull market still room to unfold in Europe?

Some interesting charts for a few indices in Europe.



The recent decline is not impulsive. The recent decline could very well have ended wave 4….

DAX made a sharp rise at the start of the year and I expect the correction to hold December lows and make a higher low before resuming the up trend.


Bullish flag? Most probably. Price action over the last three months is clearly corrective. The rise from summer lows is impulsive and I believe it is the start of the next leg upwards. This scenario gets cancelled on a break below 3360. This bullish scenario gets confirmed on a break above 3850. But also a break above 3710 would be a plus.



Big bullish flag here as well.



5200-5300 support area that if broken will decrease the chances of success of my wave count.


Wishes for a great week everyone!!! take care


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