Promising setups in selected stocks

In a previous post I mentioned the cancellation of the bearish scenario in JPM and the bullish targets and levels to watch.


Price continues to make higher highs and higher lows respecting the red upward sloping trend line. Price is also above the Ichimoku cloud and a break above 118$ would be a very bullish signal.

Goldman Sachs

Since the end of June we have pointed out the upward potential of $GS

Now price has broken through the resistance area and we are more confident of a move close to our target of 236$

Financials are breaking above the weekly cloud resistance and above the downward sloping trend line….


Facebook has broken out and above the weekly cloud resistance, back tested it and bounced back upwards making new higher highs. This is a bullish setup.

As long as price holds above the cloud we remain optimistic looking for a move towards 240$

If you follow me on twitter you will also have seen my change in view in $TLT from bullish to bearish.

TLT has most probably started a reversal on Friday and has a confirmed top. I expect a  pull back towards cloud support around the 122$ area.


That is all from me….have a great week everyone!