What does the Strategic Newsletter offer you?

Greetings everyone! This post is to help prospective subscribers get a better glimpse of what our Strategic Newsletter subscription offers. It goes without saying that I do not claim to be the perfect trader or that I do not make bad trades….I work hard to provide a plan to my subscribers, explaining my view in clear and direct manner, trying to cover most assets out there that interest most of us (traders) and at the end of the day…to make more money than we lose…………

Starting I would like to mention that the frequency of the newsletter sent to my subscribers is three times per week every Monday – Wednesday – Friday usually sent after the European markets open.

What subscribers see when they open up my newsletter?

First we take a look at indices. Dax SPX Nasdaq or even NIKKEI.

The screenshot is taken from last Wednesdays newsletter. Straightforward view on SPX and DAX. DAX position was closed a little bit earlier as I announced through a  tweet.


The reversal in DAX and US indices was a view that I had from mid to end of August and I warned very clearly my subscribers to be cautious if long.

Once we finish reading the first part of the newsletter regarding the indices, we go to the Stocks section where I publish trade setups that I make or plan to make under certain conditions. European and US shares are found here.


NVDA US was one of my trades that did not work at first, hit my stop and eventually rose to the target area…..this happens some times, no need to look back….this was not the first and will not be the last losing trade.

After reading any new trade setup in stocks we move on to commodities and forex. Again some times I post my short- to medium-term view or a trade setup…..

Some days in this section you will find two posts on commodities or two on fx. I try to find the most probable setups for success so there is no certainty that you will always get 1+1. After my setups and strategy is explained, I finally post my results and my pending orders. Either protective stops or stops to be triggered to open new positions.

If you are interested in joining my newsletter list do not hesitate to ask any question you might have at admin@trading2day.com

Take care everyone

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