Why I’m bearish AMZN again?

Last October  I posted this article where I publicly said I was shorting $AMZN at $834 looking for a push towards 700$. The market delivered what I was expecting and closed my short positions just before the elections. Once price started bouncing, I was looking for a pull back towards $800 to sell again as I posted through my twitter account @alexanderyf.

 On December 20th I posted the following

Price has reached my target area on Friday and with $850 as stop I have already opened a small size short position at $795.35. I believe we are very close to completing this upward bounce and a new downward move should soon start that will break November lows. I will be looking to add on signs of weakness (breaking $735).

amzn2 amzn

Good luck everyone and thank you for taking the time to read my latest post.

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