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Code of Conduct:  The Services are intended for your sole use only.  The Services may not be shared with anyone else in any manner.  Also, there will be comment rules posted that must be followed.   Sharing the Services or violating the comment rules will result in immediate cancellation of the Services.

Comment Rules

Rules on comments for this site:

1. Emotional disrespectful comments are not allowed.  Respect others comments and opinions.  If you have an issue with the comment or opinion ask a question for clarification and do not attack the person.

2. This is technical analysis site.  Absolutely no trade posting is allowed.  General comments about stocks, bonds, commodities, fix income, etc is allowed.  But don’t post specific trades you have made or recommend.

3. This is not economic, news or political site. 

4. Please stop the wild guessing type comments about where the market is headed.  If you have some technical analysis to share to support your prediction, then please share it.  Acceptable technical analysis are charts, patterns, cycles, counts, historical data, etc. 

5.  Absolutely no promoting yourself or your blog on my site, unless I have invited you to do so.

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